5 Things you can do to improve your social media strategy

1) Post Content Regularly

One of the best things you can do to leverage social media better is to use it on a daily basis. Once you have determined what social media platforms make sense for your business, start posting custom content to each platform.

2) Use the right content for the platform

This is something that people struggle with when they first start out. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all very different so why treat them all the same? These social media experiences are designed for specific purposes and goals. When you do not customize the content for each platform, you end up with a lousy customer experience and an automated feel. When every post on each platform looks the same, it looks like you do not care, and you start to look fake.

3) Engage with your client base

Twitter is extremely powerful in this sense. When people are talking about your business or your industry, jump in and have a conversation. This is a chance to give yourself some excellent brand equity with your customers and also keeps you in the loop with what your customers are talking about or expecting. When you engage with a customer, it works out great for everyone.

4) Post Valuable Content

This may be a difficult concept to understand at first, but not everything should be a hard sell on social media. The content you post should be valuable to your users. If you are trying to build traction in the social media world, ask yourself the following question “Would I share this onto my wall if it were from someone else?” If you answered No, don’t post it.

For example, you are in real estate. Instead of posting images about your employees, their skills and how they can help buy a house; make the conversation about educating a home buyer. “What to consider when buying your first home” or “How to stage your house to sell quicker” are the types of content that provide real value.

When you provide content that is valuable to everyone, it is far more likely to see people engage with it.

5) Don’t be afraid of giving away knowledge

One thing that I’ve often heard brought up as a reason not to post better content is that companies do not want to give away a competitive edge. I believe this is just another excuse not to do the work.

Customers want to deal with companies who are experts in their fields. While some might perceive it to be a bad idea to share knowledge, as you are giving competitors information, you are positioning yourself to be an industry guru. You’ll be able to point to your competitors and claim that they are just following your advice.

When you are the “go-to” source on a certain subject, potential customers are far more likely to engage with you.

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